About Us

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Food to whet up your apetite…………………..that’s the spirit of ‘ SOMA
With its irresistible aroma and uncomprising quality ”soma” has became familiar with Indian house holder over 40 years down the line. Here in ‘SOMA” we produce and market trusted food brands ,confirming to the highest standards of quality and convinence for discareing customers in Indian markets……………………………………

SOMA “ has metamorphosed a great subjective art into an objective scientific technique .It transformed an ancient and traditional technique into a contemporary process supported by technology and management

The journey began with this song in the heart and a vibrant image of prosperity for all . An idealistic entrepreneur embarked on a business voyage to create an enterprise – a brand – SOMA,a vision that today outshines any other in the processed fruits and vegetable industry. Soma Food product Pvt Ltd started in a quintessential entrepreneurial venture,way back in 1970 in a small rooftop in a place called Baranagar, situated in North 24 Parganas.

It was the strong determination and the initiative of Mr. Sushil Ranjan Mukherjee and his wife Ms Manju Mukherjee that has succeeded their dream into reality to became an entrepreneur in the year 1970

The company carried out its success and developed many other products without remained confining into those traditional product . JAM, JELLIES,MARMALADES,SQUASHES,CHUTNEYS, KASUNDIES,CHILLY SAUCE,SOYA SAUCE,TOMATO SAUCE,VINEGAR,CANNED VEGATABLES,PICKLES PASTA are being manufactured now in this SOMA FOOD PRODUCTS PVT.LTD.,right now the company has 88 SKU’s and many more yet to come